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RRSP Categories

RRSPs are divided into three categories as listed below, each of which is discussed in more detail in their corresponding sections: (click below or in the left navigation bar)

In addition, each of the categories listed above has two corresponding investment account types (Regular or Self-Directed), as illustrated in the following figure:

Note: For a more detailed discussion on these account types, see the section RRSP Account Types.

Note: Regardless of the RRSP category, all plans are governed by the guidelines established by the CRA. In general, all RRSP plans must follow the same rules governing contributions, withdrawals, maturity options, and investment options.


For more information on RRSPs check out the following pages:

RRSP Account types

RRSP Contributions

RRSP Withdrawals

RRSP Transfers

Designating a Beneficiary

Death, Divorce and Bankruptcy

Maturity Options



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