Glossary – Letter U

Unassisted contributions

Contributions made to an RESP account in respect of which no CESG has been paid.

Underlying securities

The specific security that is bought or sold by exercising an option.


The purchase for resale of a security issue by one or more investment dealers or “underwriters.” The formal agreements pertaining to such a transaction are called “underwriting agreements.”


Two or more corporate securities (such as preferred shares and warrants) offered for sale to the public at a single, combined price.


A security not listed on a stock exchange but traded on the over-the-counter market.


Trade transactions initiated by the client. The subsequent trade transaction confirmation will indicate “unsolicited.”

Utilities Sector

These companies are involved in the production or distribution of electricity (both nuclear and non-nuclear) and the distribution of natural gas (excluding companies primarily involved in gas exploration and production). It also includes companies that purchase and redistribute water to the end-consumer, including large-scale water treatment systems.