Are my allowable RRSP contributions and deductions impacted by my LLP withdrawal?

If you make an LLP withdrawal, you may not be permitted to deduct any RRSP contributions made 90 days prior to the LLP withdrawal.

The actual LLP withdrawal will have no impact upon your allowable RRSP contribution limits.

However, just as for the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP), your RRSP account balance, after the LLP withdrawal, cannot be less than your RRSP contributions. For example, if you make an RRSP contribution of $15,000.00 and then make an LLP withdrawal and the resulting balance in the RRSP account is $6,000.00, you cannot claim a deduction for the full $15,000 contribution. You would not be allowed to deduct $9,000.00 of your $15,000.00 RRSP contribution. The $9,000.00 not eligible as a deduction can be carried forward for use in future years, but it cannot be used in the year of your LLP withdrawal.

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