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Are YOU Ready for the Holiday Spending Season?

November 25, 2014 by InvestingForMe

There’s no doubt about it - this is one of the most expensive times of year! From gifts under the tree and a huge meal on the table (not to mention logging some serious miles on the road to visit Grandma), the average Canadian can expect to shell out big bucks to afford the holiday season.



Don’t Panic… Earn Points!

Holiday Savings Rule One: Don’t use your credit card unless you’re earning some serious points!  Whether your biggest holiday expense is travel, food or gifts, the perfect credit card can help offset your costs with the right rewards.

Not sure if your credit card is up to the task?’s Ultimate Rewards Calculator

Don’t hit the mall without your result from’s Credit Card Rewards Calculator. This is a great tool for finding your perfect credit card match. Simply pick your existing bank and credit card, plug in a few details about your spending habits and you’ll see if your credit card is truly the best fit… or should you make a switch.

How Do I Use the Credit Card Rewards Calculator?

First, click on the link above or on this image to get to their Credit Card Rewards Calculator 



Step 1: Pick your current bank



Step 2: Choose your credit card



Step 3: Choose your preferred rewards



Step 4: Enter your monthly budget for groceries, gas, travel and more to get your tailored credit card result.




Step 5: See your savings



And Finally… Reward Yourself!

Don’t forget to enter their contest for a chance to win the  $2,500 cash prizePLUS if you make the switch to the recommended credit card, you’ll get a FREE $25 gift card! 

And who doesn't just love free money?



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