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Should I be worried about rising taxation?

Not yet, but it is an interesting question as raising income tax rates is now hotly discussed as one method to reduce persistent government deficits and their rising debt burdens. Another reason people worry about rising taxation is because of the negative impact this would have on Canadians, that is, their savings and investments. For the past 40 years, the majority of Canadians have accumulated their savings nest eggs inside tax-deferred savings plans like Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs). Read more…

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Finding Tax Losses Can Feel a Lot Like Finding Waldo

Sometimes unfortunately hunting for income tax losses can feel more like a round of Finding Waldo and just as much fun where you’re never quite sure what exactly you’re looking for and where you should be looking. So, let’s try to simplify the game and figure out what you need to look for. Read more…

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Good news: new numbers for retirement planning

I know. I know. We’re all stressing about it. Are you saving enough? Are your investments helping or hindering? Are you always anxiously rechecking your savings numbers for your retirement plan and wondering – Where did I go wrong? Read more…

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What rate of return will your investments earn in the future – 4%, 8%, 12%?

It’s a simple question, but your answer makes a huge difference in terms of hard cold cash for your financial future, and your investing success (or failure!) all depends on the number you pick. (Just try designing a financial plan or a retirement plan without an estimate of your future investment returns. It can’t be done!) Read more…

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Gold: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

I must confess. I’ve never been much of a gold bug so my answer to that question might not be the more common response. And I admit I’ve never understood how the market values gold or the reasoning behind holding gold. Read more…

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