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Switching preferred shares: Black Diamond runs for the Experienced Investors only

So, in keeping with our comparison of investing with skiing and the need to check out the signposts before you leap, this time round we’re going to talk about the Black Diamond runs of selling one deeply discounted/over sold preferred share to buy another. Read more…

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Buying over-sold rate-reset preferred shares in today’s market

Becoming a better, stronger skier has a lot in common with becoming a better, stronger investor. For both tasks you need to 1) know the basics 2) understand the conditions and the landscape 3) assess (honestly!) your own skill level and appetite for risk 4) want to improve (learn new and more advanced techniques and try more challenging runs/investments!) And for investors that want to venture off the preferred share Bunny Runs (like the ones we discussed in our last article), the next step in becoming a better, stronger investor would be to shop around for cheap, rate-reset preferred shares. Read more…

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Wouldn't it be great if investments came with a rating like a ski run?

Just imagine! Then you’d know what you’d be getting yourself into with just a quick glance! You’d know if you’re going to be somewhat comfortable, or on the other hand, way in over your head! Wouldn’t that be handy? So, let’s borrow from the ski resorts and use their rating system to talk about a few preferred share investment opportunities. Read more…

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How to buy preferred shares: 5 simple rules

Last month, two of our sample investment portfolio’s had their TD Bank preferred shares redeemed by the bank and so I was forced to look for a suitable replacement. In the end, I added a preferred share issued by Canadian Utilities Ltd. Read more…

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Investing: the art of great story telling

Sad to say but most investors probably accept their investment advisors’ advice like good little preschoolers at circle time. They listen and nod wide-eyed to what seems like a logical and methodical approach (and maybe even a bit scientific!) to buying and selling investments. Read more…

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