InvestingForMe has introduced corporate memberships so you can provide website access to all of your clients for one low monthly fee.

Afterall, Some days you must wonder….Where did customer loyalty go?

While is used to be that a business could count on a fairly high level of loyalty from its clients of our parents’ generation, in today’s market --- not so much. Today’s customers want the best price, service and value, and loyalty is something you now have to earn. (You might even say today’s idea of customer loyalty comes with a price!)

What Changed?

The simple answer is that society has changed. Globalization, the increased pursuits of profit any any cost, the Internet and the increase in consumer awareness have all come together to condition customers today to b consumer- savvy and more self-focused. So the idea of trying to generate any sense of customer loyalty in such a climate requires you to offer your customers more than just the basic services. Customers today want to be thanked for their business. They want to be rewarded for the friends and acquaintance they refer. They want you to value them as customers. In short, they want you to value and appreciate them.



So what can you do?

Above and beyond acknowledging, thanking, and rewarding your customers, your organization may also be busy engaging in other types of loyalty-building exercises such as:

Acknowledging customers’ birthdays, anniversaries and special personal events to enhance the personal touch

Establishing a plan for meaningful, consistent contact beyond the regular annual transaction.

You can do more….

Believe it or not your customers truly want to brag about you. They may be a little self-serving in this desire (My guy si better than your guy), but given the right tools, yoiur clients will happily brag about you and your business . So give your customer the bragging rights by giving them value no on else can:

1. Offer them a benefit that is not directly linked to your profit margin or bottom line.

2. Tell them that you value them as a customer not just because of the money you earn from them, but because you value them as a person.



When you help connect your clients financially with a smart unbiased financial resource, they will gain greater confidence and control over their own financial decisions and will appreciate your part in it.

Taking your client Relationships to the next level

InvestingForMe is the independent financial website resource designed and built for Canadians. The site provides a wealth of information that is in-depth, easy o read and understand. By sponsoring your customers’ access to the website, you are giving them information, tools and resources to help them:

• Gain a greater understanding of their finances

• Gain a greater knowledge of the savings and investing tools available to them

• Make financial decisions with greater confidence and control.


Customer success = Your success

In taking your customer service plan beyond the basics by sponsoring customer memberships to InvestingForMe, you in fact help your clients to say with confidence, My guy is better than your guy! And when your customers achieve greater financial success, your success will follow.

To find out more about our corporate membership program please contact Shanda Wright at

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