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Video: Education Planning

  • Saving for Your Child’s Education - IEF

    Pat Foran shares how to save for your child's education. An RESP helps you save tax-free for your child's education, and government grants give you extra help.

  • JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure

    At her Harvard commencement speech, "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling offers some powerful, heartening advice to dreamers and overachievers, including one hard-won lesson that she deems "worth more than any qualification I ever earned."

  • Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word
  • Graduating Into Debt - The New York Times

    A series examines the implications of soaring college costs and the indebtedness of students and their families.

  • Student Debt - The New York Times

    Andrew Martin reports on the growing debt burden for college students and its affect on their future finances.

  • Princeton Baccalaureate 2012: Michael Lewis

    June 5, 2012 - Michael Lewis, a member of Princeton's Class of 1982 and author of such books as "Liar's Poker" and "Moneyball," speaks at the 2012 Baccalaureate in a speech called "Don't Eat Fortune's Cookie."

  • Gaming can make a better world - TED

    Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how.

  • Parents Snared in College Debt Trap Risk Retirement - Bloomberg

    Click on heading above to watch the video

    February 7, 2012 - Parents are borrowing record amounts to put their kids through college, jeopardizing their retirements. With the housing crisis, many families can no longer take out a second mortgage, one popular option for financing university studies. Janet Lorin reports on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance Midday."

  • How games make kids smarter - TED

    A fun presentation on the affects of Gaming on our children's mental development.

    "Can playing video games make you more productive? Gabe Zichermann shows how games are making kids better problem-solvers, and will make us better at everything from driving to multi-tasking."

  • Saving for your children's education - Gail Vaz-Oxlade

    First step is to start saving for your child's education. Second step is to start early. The third step is to take advantage of "free" money.

  • Changing Education Paradigms (Animated) - Sir Ken Robinson

    "Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson will ask how do we make change happen in education and how do we make it last?

    Another inspiring RSA Animate taken from a speech given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education expert and recipient of the RSA Benjamin Franklin award."

  • The World Becomes What You Teach

    "Zoe Weil is the co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education ( and is considered a pioneer in the comprehensive humane education movement, which provides people with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to be conscientious choicemakers and engaged changemakers for a better world."

Articles: Education Planning

  • Being an RA and/or On Council In Residence - My UniversityMoney

    Getting a part-time job right on campus that will completely pay for your residence room and board? That’s pretty much the deal if you want to sign up to become a Residence Advisor (RA) and in some cases on the governing council at residences on campuses across Canada.

  • Employers should pay for skills training, study - smallBizadvisor

    A new WorkMonitor study by Randstad shows 91% of Canadian workers believe employers are responsible for ensuring their employees’ skills and competences correspond with job requirements.

  • University grads have higher employment rates, incomes - SmallBizAdvisor

    More than 92% of 2010 undergrads were employed two years after graduation, up from 86.5% who had jobs within six months. The average salary for university graduates in full-time employment was $49,277 two years after graduation, up from the average $42,668 earned six months after graduation.

  • Five Ways to Minimize Student Loan Debt - My University Money

    Nearly every student who is using student loans to finance his or her education has at least some concern with their ability to repay the debt. As higher education costs rise, forcing the use of ever higher loan amounts to pay for them, the burden placed on students after graduation is becoming more threatening all the time.

  • Prepare for the Job Hunt Before You Graduate - MyUniversityMoney

    Graduation will be here before you know it and you’ll start your job hunt. Whether you’re a senior, junior, sophomore or even a freshman, now is time to begin preparing for that day. Don’t put it off until your final semester, or even until your senior year.

  • Why Young Canadians Need to Take Career Planning Into Their Own Hands -MyUniversityMoney

    In my experience, high school students, and often undergraduate students at the university level tend to experience a lot of anxiety around career planning. Instead of a addressing a looming issue, many students resort back to doing what they do best – procrastinating and justifying that procrastination. Many students will say things like: 

  • Boomerang Kids: Your Plan For Financial Independence - YahooFinance

    With a degree and a heap of debt, more and more Millennials are returning home after graduation. Just over 42 per cent of adults aged 20 to 29 are living with their parents, according to 2011 Statistics Canada census data —well above 1981’s level of nearly 27 per cent. But with a little planning, they’ll be well-equipped to fly from the nest for good.

  • Beyond RESPs: How to handle the high cost of education - IEF

    I just dropped my daughter off for her first day of kindergarten – and while it was a HUGE milestone for her (and me – sniff) it didn’t cost much to get her there. Armed with a backpack, lunch and a new pair of kicks, she was off to a great start. But in another 14 years, it’s going to be a completely different story.

  • Kids and Money - Women's Financial Learning Centre

    Where did you learn about money? From school, from your parents, from a life of hard knocks?! Well, you as a parent are the most influential teacher your child will ever have, and specifically the mom when it comes to finances, if you can believe that! Often parents are overwhelmed about how to teach their kids about money. Where to start?

  • The Importance of Teaching Financial Literacy in Schools -

    My 19-year-old son is a great kid, but he’s a natural spender. I’ve taught him to put some money from his paycheques aside into a savings account, but he’s figured out that you can just go online and transfer the money back into your chequing account. We’re trying a tax-free savings account now, and it seems to be working. But it would have reinforced what we taught him at home if my son had learned some money basics in school.

  • Were you financially prepared for university? -

    Kiran Rai never questioned what she’d do after high school. The Vancouver resident headed straight to university. She admits that it wasn’t until a few semesters in that the financial implications of her new-found reality really began to hit home.

  • What to Consider When Taking Student Loans

    Here’s a cosmic reality of debt: borrowing is easy; repaying is not. And here’s another cosmic reality: your earnings will not be unlimited when you graduate, especially in the early years!

  • How to Manage Your Schedule and Complete Assignments On Time - MyUniversityMoney

    Large tasks are tough to complete and even worse to get started if you procrastinate like most people. I usually thought it would take much longer to complete an assignment then it actually took. This caused me to put off the assignment until it was too late. 

  • Learn “The Game” of University to Save Time & Money - MyUniversityMoney

    Canadian universities purport to be places of higher learning. Their mottos and mission statements are often littered with sparkling phrases such as “lifelong learning”, “critical-thinking”, “broad intellectual experiences”, “striving to reach potential” “well-rounded student” and a few dozen more similarly vague-to-the-point-of-meaningless touchstones.

  • Explaining Taxes – And Our Civic Duty – To Kids - IEF

    Taxes are a fact of life in Canada and something your kids have already experienced as consumers. Have your children ever saved up to buy something and then been surprised that the amount they owed at the cash register was greater than the sticker price?

  • Having The Money Talk With Your Parents - MyUniversityMoney

    If your house was anything like mine growing up, then money was a bit of a taboo subject. In fact, it seemed to be a taboo subject amongst most of the adults I talked to now that I think about.

  • What To Bring To Residence - MyUniversityMoney

    Residence is a place where there are hundreds of people your age doing the same thing. Chances are you will meet some of your best friends there. When I moved into residence I just guessed on what would be good to have, but after a few years there I became “seasoned” and I feel I can compile a list of what to bring to residence that would be important for any freshman. 

  • 3 Back-To-School Problems And Their Solutions - WallStreetSurvivor

    If you’re going to spend all that money going to college, you might as well learn from it, and find a way to enjoy as much of it as possible (by this I don’t mean maximizing your attendance at keggers). Here are three of the biggest back-to-school problems that students face, and how to solve them…

  • Ready To Take The Quiz - Way2Work

    Way 2 Work helps you find the jobs that suit your interests and abilities – Jobs you’ll like and be good at. Each job is coded with a skills symbol to help you find the ones that match your quiz results

  • Premium on higher education falls, CIBC - smallbizadvisor

    “A higher education may be a necessary condition for a good job in Canada, but it is no longer a sufficient condition,” says CIBC Deputy Chief Economist Benjamin Tal who coauthored the report with CIBC Economist, Emanuella Enenajor.

  • Back to School Tax Tips for Students - KnowledgeBureau

    With back-to-school just around the corner, there are several important recent tax issues for students that will be helpful to keep in mind for the year ahead.

  • Include student debt management in this year’s back to school prep - Globe and Mail

    “Based on other surveys, it’s taken people as high as 14.5 years, which is the reason why they need to really think about student debt, what it means, how you use it smartly.”

  • Student Loans vs Debt Free – A Lifetime Comparison - MyUniversityMoney

    For many people student loans are a fact of life. They always knew they would have to get them, and when they did it wasn’t a big deal. After graduation the loans were always there as they started their working life, so they probably never considered what the true cost of the loans was.

  • When Kids Don’t Go To School - Gail Vaz-Oxlade

    You may have saved diligently in the hope that your young’un would pursue a post-secondary education only to find Little Miss wants to walk a different path. So what do you do with all the money you piled up in the RESP?

  • Back to school or back to debt? - FactSet

    First, college enrollment typically rises during economic downturns. Second, the number of Americans in the 20-to-24 age group is expected to peak in 2014, so over the last few years the population of college-aged students has been at or near its cyclical peak.


Websites: Education Planning

  • MyUniversityMoney

    Hello everyone! We made this site to share our knowledge about some of the best ways to not only financially survive as you go through post-secondary schooling, but thrive! We also cover a wide range of basic personal finance topics and tips to get through life. 

  • Campus Navigator - GlobeCampus

    "Our Campus Navigator is Canada’s most innovative online tool for searching, comparing and ranking schools. The tool gives you the ability to explore the rich array of qualifiers, opinion surveys and statistical data available on our Canadian undergraduate schools on your terms."

  • GlobeCampus

    "GlobeCampus is The Globe and Mail’s site dedicated to undergraduate education in Canada. Through its innovative search, compare and rank tool called campus navigator, Canadian and visiting students can quickly find the school that would fit them best. The Globe and Mail’s annual Canadian University Report (formerly University Report Card) collects the opinion of over 40,000 students across the country. This site will guide parents in evaluating universities and colleges and help students make the right pick from the rich array of qualifiers and indicators available from each of the school’s profile."

  • Young Canada Works

    "Young Canada Works (YCW) offers students and recent graduates the chance to put their skills to the test, build career equity, earn money for their education or get started on the right career path. Summer jobs and internships give young people access to unique opportunities to learn and work, whether it be to practise their second language, work in a museum, an Aboriginal friendship centre or even travel abroad."

  • Workopolis

    "Canada's leading student job website, connects teens, students and new grads looking for work with employers who want to hire! With a job bank of more than 10,000 openings posted on, you'll find the summer job, part-time job, entry-level full-time job, internship, or career you're searching for. Job opportunities on are specifically for high school, college and university students and recent graduates, so employers recruiting students and new grads know to post jobs on!"


    "The school-to-work transition is difficult and messy for students and new graduates, and attracting and hiring students and new grads is also difficult and messy for employers - who often travel across the country to attract top students.

    TalentEgg was created to provide access to meaningful opportunities for students and new graduates, coast to coast, and to provide an efficient way for employers and organizations to reach students who increasingly use the web to research their careers."

  • Students and Income Tax - Canada Revenue Agency

    A guide published by Canada Revenue Agency to help explain which educational expenses are deductible for income tax purposes.

  • On Line Calculator -University of British Columbia

    Are you planning on attending UBC's Vancouver Campus? Visit UBC's on line calculator to obtain estimates for Tuition, Student Fees and Book costs.

  • Canada's Higher Education and Career Guide

    "The Canada higher education and career news service is provided by at Hecterra Publishing. The news service’s aim is to share with you our passion for the world of higher learning."

  • Career Planning Resources - Government of Alberta

    "The Student Learning–Career Information Booklet and Planners are useful tools for Alberta's secondary school teachers and guidance counsellors as they work with students, parents and other key partners to help students move through the career planning process."

  • Advanced Education and Technology - Government of Alberta

    "Interested in pursuing education or training beyond high school? Whether you are thinking of becoming a tradesperson, improving your reading level, getting your degree, or being trained for a specific job, Alberta’s post-secondary system has affordable, accessible and high quality options that are just right for you."

  • Individual Education Plans - Ontario Ministry of Education

    "Going to college or university can help you find a career you'll love. With a range of grants, scholarships and loans, it may be easier than you think."


    "The pages of BC Work Futures feature profiles of over 500 occupations in our province, as well as a number of B.C. industries.  Worker personal profiles and articles on career planning are also presented."

  • Working In Canada - Federal Government

    A great site to explore career options and to gather information such as the educational requirements, employment trends and potential income out comes. Visit this introduction video to learn more about this website and what it can do for you.

  • BC Transfer Guide

    "The BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) is responsible for the facilitation of admission, articulation and transfer arrangements among the colleges, institutes, and universities in BC.  Specifically, the Council encourages the post-secondary institutions to develop policies that facilitate transferability of post-secondary credit courses so that credit can be applied toward baccalaureate degrees in all degree-granting institutions."

  • The Interprovincial Red Seal Program For Trades

    "The Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program (also known as the Red Seal Program) was established more than 50 years ago to provide greater mobility across Canada for skilled workers. Today it represents a standard of excellence for industry. "

  • Interprovincial Standards “Red Seal” Program - HRSDC

    "A national occupational analysis, developed for each Red Seal trade, is used as a base document for the development of interprovincial standard examinations and is encouraged to be used by the provinces and territories for curriculum development."


    "Education Planner is an educational planning resource that is available to the public free of charge. Its primary purpose is to provide clear, reliable and detailed information about post-secondary programs available in BC. Using Education Planner can help learners make well-informed decisions about their education and career options."

  • Search For Academic Programs Offered At Different Schools

    Are you interested which schools offer certain educational programs? Then use this data base to search.

  • Links To Valuable Education Websites

    Here is list of education websites that you may find of interest.

  • Tuition Fees

    "University tuition fees for full-time Canadian and international students in an arts and humanities program at the undergraduate level at AUCC member institutions, 2012 – 2013."

  • Information for Canadian and International students

    "When you pick a university, you're not only choosing where you'll attend classes, but also where you'll eat, sleep, socialize, play sports, learn and grow. And while all of the 95 universities across Canada are a good choice, some are likely more suited to you than others. Start your homework today."

  • Links To Canadian Universities

    A great link to access information from individual Canadian Universities.

  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

    "The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada is the voice of Canada's universities. We represent 95 Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities and university-degree level colleges."

    "We administer more than 150 scholarship, fellowship and internship programs on behalf of governments, foundations and private sector companies. Each year, we deliver more than 3,500 scholarships to young people interested in pursuing higher education."

  • Trudeau Scholarships

    "Up to 15 Trudeau Scholarships are awarded each year to support doctoral candidates pursuing research of compelling present-day concern, touching upon one or more of the four themes of the Foundation. Trudeau Scholars are highly gifted individuals who are actively engaged in their fields and expected to become leading national and international figures."

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