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According to Google.......


Our traffic is growing in leaps and bounds:)

In the last 30 days,

Canadian, Eh! Sweeeet

 Yup, 87.89% of our visitors live, work and invest in Canada. 


And our audience is young and tech savvy-



What about the last 12 months?


 On average, over the past 12 months, we had....

    • 27,820 users making 34,577 visits and 59,797 pageviews, monthly
    • Our visitors stayed for 1.33 minutes and read 1.73 pages
    • 20.5% were returning visitors and our bounce rate was 77.23%
    • 35.80% of visitors were female and 64.20% were male
    • 86.67% of visitors live, work and invest in Canada. 
    • Age demographics
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