The IFM Approach: Introduction

In the investment world, there are almost as many investment approaches as there are investment choices. And because investing is not an exact science, with hard and fast rules, it is often difficult to determine which is the best investment approach for your personal circumstances.

InvestingForMe follows one approach in which we have complete confidence by providing the following benefits:

Naysayers …

Is our investment approach easy? No. We said it is simple, but investing is never easy. There are just too many competing interests within the investment industry to ever believe that investing can be easy. So what is the downside to our investment approach? What’s on the other side of the coin?

Here are a few aspects of our investment approach that might appear as negatives to some investors:

For those of you that have an interest in investing or feel you must regain control of your savings and investments, our investment approach will be of great interest. In the complicated and complex world of investments, the IFM Approach offers a simple, consistent, and reliable investment approach that focuses 100% on the achievement of your financial goals - saving and investing.

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