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ETF's - Catalogue of over 65 ETFs with full descriptions, investment tips.

ETF Description

iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index Fund

The iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index Fund seeks to provide long-term capital growth by replicating, to the extent possible, the performance of the S&P®/TSX® 60 Index through investments in the constituent issuers of such index, net of expenses. The Index is comprised of 60 of the largest (by market capitalization) and most liquid securities listed on the TSX, selected by S&P using its industrial classifications and guidelines for evaluating issuer capitalization, liquidity and fundamentals.

Fact Sheet
TMX Money ETF Screener
Morningstar ETF Screener
Underlying Index/Commodity
S&P/TSX 60 Index - Comprised of 60 of the largest (by market capitalization) and most liquid securities listed on the TSX, selected by S&P using its industrial classifications and guidelines for evaluating issuer capitalization, liquidity and fundame
Asset Category
Growth Investments
Average Duration
Average Maturity
Date Established
September 28, 1999
Annual Management Fee
Trading Expense Ratio (TER)
0.02% - But can be higher - Unit holders pay expenses up to 0.17% & iShares is responsible for expenses above the 0.17% level)
Management Expense Ratio (MER)
Additional Performance Fee(s)
Yes - Current 12-Month Trailing Yield = 2.71% (as at 06-Nov-2012)
Distribution Dates
Quarterly - September, December, March and June
Distribution Details
Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)
Yes Visit ETF Website for details
Rebalancing Frequency
Quarterly - March, June, September , December.
Portfolio Turnover Ratio
No portfolio Turnover Ratios found for this ETF.
Simplified Prospectus

Preferred Shares: Over 87 preferred share descriptions and 15 videos.

Preferred Shares Description

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (BAM.PR.M)

Cumulative, Convertible, Class A, Series 17 Preferred Shares

Prospectus - November 13, 2006

DBRS Rating
Pfd-2 (low) Negative Trend
DBRS Rating Date
Shares Issued
Issued Date
Shares O/S
O/S Date
$1.1875 per share per year
Dividend Dates
On the last day of March, June, September and December.
Dividend Details
Fixed Annual Dividend
Redeemable at the issuer's option, on and after the following dates, as follows: December 31, 2012 at $25.75, December 31, 2013 at $25.50, December 31, 2014 at $25.25, December 31, 2015 at $25.00.
Series 17 preferred shareholders do not have an option to convert their shares into another class of share.
Lead Underwriter(s)
RBC Capital Markets, CIBC World Markets Inc.
Transfer Agent
CIBC Mellon Trust Company
CIBC Mellon Trust Company
Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Only available to Class A common shareholders. Not available to preferred shareholders.
Convertible by Company
At the issuer's option, the Series 17 preferred shares are convertible on and after December 31, 2011 into Class A Limited voting shares. Conversion rate is determined by dividing the then applicable redemption price, plus declared and unpaid dividends, by the greater of $2.00 and 95% of the average trading price of the class A shares. Cash will paid in for fractional share amounts. For details read the Share's prospectus.

Over 800 retail bonds displayed.

Government of Canada and Agency Bonds

Previous day's closing data. Coupon Eff. Maturity Price Yield
CMHC 4.100 2015-Oct-01 107.18 1.16
CMHC 4.250 2016-Feb-01 108.32 1.24
CMHC 4.350 2017-Feb-01 110.90 1.41
CMHC 1.750 2018-Jun-15 100.71 1.61
Canada 2.000 2013-Aug-01 100.34 0.98
Canada 2.500 2013-Sep-01 100.60 0.98
Canada 1.500 2013-Nov-01 100.29 0.99
Canada 1.000 2014-Feb-01 99.99 1.01
Canada 2.000 2014-Mar-01 100.88 1.01
Canada 0.750 2014-May-01 99.72 1.01
Canada 3.000 2014-Jun-01 102.29 1.01
Canada 5.000 2014-Jun-01 104.58 1.01
Canada 2.250 2014-Aug-01 101.65 0.99
Canada 1.000 2014-Nov-01 100.03 0.98
Canada 2.000 2014-Dec-01 101.66 0.99
Canada 1.000 2015-Feb-01 100.05 0.97
Canada 1.000 2015-May-01 100.04 0.98
Canada 2.500 2015-Jun-01 103.22 0.99
Canada 4.500 2015-Jun-01 107.48 0.99
Canada 1.500 2015-Aug-01 101.10 1.02
Canada 3.000 2015-Dec-01 105.08 1.05
Canada 1.250 2016-Feb-01 100.48 1.08
Canada 2.000 2016-Jun-01 102.72 1.12
Canada 4.000 2016-Jun-01 108.89 1.12
Canada 2.750 2016-Sep-01 105.28 1.16
Canada 1.500 2017-Mar-01 101.14 1.20
Canada 4.000 2017-Jun-01 111.20 1.22
Canada 1.500 2017-Sep-01 101.13 1.23
Canada 1.250 2018-Mar-01 99.96 1.26
Canada 4.250 2018-Jun-01 114.72 1.29
Canada 3.750 2019-Jun-01 113.66 1.42
Canada 3.500 2020-Jun-01 113.39 1.52
Canada 3.250 2021-Jun-01 112.56 1.60
Canada 2.750 2022-Jun-01 108.82 1.70
Canada 1.500 2023-Jun-01 97.02 1.82
Canada 8.000 2023-Jun-01 157.53 1.78
Canada 8.000 2027-Jun-01 172.32 2.07
Canada 5.750 2029-Jun-01 147.34 2.24
Canada 5.750 2033-Jun-01 153.60 2.38
Canada 5.000 2037-Jun-01 145.95 2.46
Canada 4.000 2041-Jun-01 131.39 2.45
Canada 3.500 2045-Dec-01 123.64 2.44
Cda House Tr 3.600 2013-Jun-15 100.50 1.01
Cda House Tr 3.550 2013-Sep-15 101.11 1.01
Cda House Tr 2.700 2013-Dec-15 101.14 1.05
Cda House Tr 2.200 2014-Mar-15 101.07 1.06
Cda House Tr 3.150 2014-Jun-15 102.48 1.05
Cda House Tr 2.750 2014-Sep-15 102.44 1.04
Cda House Tr 2.750 2014-Dec-15 102.85 1.05
Cda House Tr 2.950 2015-Mar-15 103.59 1.08
Cda House Tr 3.150 2015-Jun-15 104.42 1.11
Cda House Tr 2.450 2015-Dec-15 103.29 1.20
Cda House Tr 2.750 2015-Dec-15 104.09 1.20
Cda House Tr 2.750 2016-Jun-15 104.51 1.30
Cda House Tr 1.850 2016-Dec-15 101.64 1.39
Cda House Tr 2.050 2017-Jun-15 102.34 1.47
Cda House Tr 1.700 2017-Dec-15 100.70 1.54
Cda House Tr 4.100 2018-Dec-15 112.95 1.70
Cda House Tr 3.750 2020-Mar-15 112.16 1.87
Cda House Tr 3.350 2020-Dec-15 109.86 1.96
Cda House Tr 3.800 2021-Jun-15 113.33 2.02
Cda House Tr 2.650 2022-Mar-15 104.17 2.14
Cda House Tr 2.400 2022-Dec-15 101.51 2.23
Exp Dev Cda 5.100 2014-Jun-02 104.63 1.04
Exp Dev Cda 4.300 2016-Jun-01 109.19 1.31

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