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Websites: Investing

  • Stocktrades

    Stocktrades is a Canadian investing resource committed to teaching Canadians the in’s and outs of the stock market and investing in general.

  • Simply Wall Street

    Become a better investor. Simply Wall Street is an Australian based company that offers institutional quality research for investors that invest in individual stocks. They help you make informed decisions by giving you access to data and analysis presented visually. Their infographics make it really easy for you to understand how the company is performing and if it would be a good investment.

    Simply Wall Street offers a limited free service plan and two subscription plans.

  • Best Investing Books of All Time: As Voted By 24 Top Investors & Institutions

    You probably have an idea of what the best investing books of all time are.The Intelligent Investor, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Warren Buffett’s Annual Letters……to name a few.

    These are some of the books you’ll find on most media publications “best investing books” list. But what books are the greatest investors of our generation recommending? You'll find them listed here.

  • Dividend™ is a leading worldwide independent provider of dividend information and data for investment professionals. Our mission is to be the First In Dividend Data Worldwide™ by designing and developing essential tools and systems for the investment community with the highest level of accuracy and integrity.

  • The Academic Financial Trading Platform

    The Academic Financial Trading Platform (AFTP) has a two-prong objective: (1) Offer massively open online business courses by faculty from the world's top business schools to a broad community of students, researchers, and practitioners around the world completely for FREE; and (2) Deliver, for the first time, fully automated and transparent quantitative stock market prediction techniques (models) and trading strategies, developed at the world's top research centers, to the average investor.

  • Tech Talk

    Donald Vialoux, co-founder of Tech Talk, is a past president and director of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA). Mr. Vialoux has 45 years of experience in the investment industry, including prominent positions held at Richardson Greenshields and RBC Investments. He is the author of a daily letter on equity markets, which is available free at The Web site has recently received an average of 200,000 hits per day from 130 countries

  • Adjusted Cost is an online tool allowing investors to track the adjusted cost base (ACB) and capital gains transaction of their securities. This service is 100% free and extremely easy to use. By registering for a free account, you will be able to easily manage your investment information online.

  • Timing The Markets, which offers technical, fundamental, and seasonal analysis of the markets.

  • Equity Talk

    Equity Clock’s mission is to identify periods of reoccurring strength among individual equities in the market using methodologies presented by some of the top analysts in the industry, including that of Don Vialoux, author of

  • Today In Energy - U.S. EIA

    Daily wholesale and retail prices for various energy products are shown below, including spot prices and select futures prices at national or regional levels. Prices are updated each weekday (excluding federal holidays), typically between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.

  • StockRover

    Stock Rover empowers individual investors with the ability to visually compare and analyze stocks like no other tool. Users can compare stocks against other stocks, ETFs or mutual funds, compare stocks against industry and sector averages, and compare stocks against indices and other benchmarks – all in the same graph or table. (Although this is an American site, it does handle Canadian stocks and Exchange Traded Funds listed on the Toronto exchange.)

  • Globe Investor Survey of Current GIC/Term Deposit Rates

    Want to know which financial institution offers the best rates for Guaranteed Investment Certificates and Term Deposits? Check out this website. Every financial institution is listed along with their best rates.

  • Company Financial Snapshots - Infomart

    This is a fantastic website for quickly accessing background information on publicly traded companies in Canada. Everything from a list of competitors, the the company's current Return On Equity, Earnings Per Share and the share's Price To Earnings Ratio.

  • ETF Insight

    For those Canadian investors interested in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), this is a great new website that offers great background information, search tools, model portfolios and numerous helpful resources. Check it out.

  • Free Reports for the Dow 30 Index Stocks - ValueLine

    Complimentary research reports for each of the 30 companies that comprise the Dow Jones Index. Value Line has a tremendous track record for consistency and success. It is one of the oldest subscription-based stock market research companies in North America.

  • House Price Index - Teranet-National Bank

    A great website for up-to-date information on Canada's real estate markets - both current and historical.

  • Need an Accountant

    "Welcome to Need an Accountant. Search for Canadian CGA firms by using the map or the search criteria (Map Quick Links, Accountant/Firm Name, Services Offered or Industry Sectors) to the left of the map."

  • Canadian ETF Watch

    "Canadian ETF Watch is an independent organization which provides comprehensive market intelligence, news and fundamental research solutions strongly focused on the ETF markets. We are covering the ETF market globally and have launched the first global, high-end exchange traded funds magazine in Canada.

    Our organization is structured into two sectors Canadian Hedge Watch which covers the Alternative Investment arena and Radius Financial Education which will cover the remaining Capital Markets sector with a sub-division solely focusing on the ETF space."

  • Investopedia - Financial Investing Tutorials

    Although this is an American website, their investment tutorials are very helpful for any Canadian Investor desiring to learn/know more about their investments and investing.

  • InvestRight -B.C. Securities Commission

    "A key goal of the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is to help investors protect their financial interests. We have developed to provide investors with the tools to research and assess potential investments and protect themselves from unsuitable or fraudulent investments."

  • AdvisorToGo - Podcasts

    A library of podcasts on topics ranging from asset allocation to bond investing. The individual podcasts are categorized on the right-hand side of the site.

  • InvestorPOS - Your source for Fund facts.

    "InvestorPOS™ is a revolutionary new outsourced solution that allows fund managers and investment dealers to efficiently create and deliver Fund Facts and other disclosure documents to investors, while maintaining 100% of the workflow control. It focuses on the front office needs of advisors and the investors they serve, seamlessly integrating into the existing sales process."

  • VURU

    "A new Canadian website that has established a method they feels identifies undervalued and overvalued stocks.

  • Gallup

    Gallop's polling data and surveys are helpful when monitoring consumers attitudes, thoughts and concerns. Their data can be used by investors to assess current and developing trends within the U.S. economy.

  • Robert Shiller, Yale University, Financial Markets - Academic Earth

    "Financial institutions are a pillar of civilized society, supporting people in their productive ventures and managing the economic risks they take on. The workings of these institutions are important to comprehend if we are to predict their actions today and their evolution in the coming information age."

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