Mutual Fund Fee Calculator

This calculator, created by the Investor Education Fund, will show you how fees and other costs affect what you can earn when investing in mutual funds.
Use the tabs for Fund 1 and Fund 2 to compare different funds. You will need to enter four items:

  • The investment amount
  • The number of years the mutual fund is to be held
  • The mutual fund company’s name
  • The name of the mutual fund you want to analyze

The calculator will provide the rest of the data for the mutual funds you choose. Click on the link below to access the calculator.

Note: The calculator determines the management fees and operating expenses (but not trading expenses) for a dollar amount invested in a specific fund over a defined period.

Drawing on Morningstar fund data, the calculator is updated annually in June. It’s easy to use. You simply choose the fund from the list provided, the holding period and the sales fees paid (if any), and input the dollar amount invested.

The calculator’s database of Canadian mutual funds is extensive, but not all mutual funds available from some companies are included, and the funds of a few companies were missing altogether. If a mutual fund of interest is not in the database, you can look up its long-term return rate and fees charged and use the calculator’s custom tab to find out the mutual fund’s cost.