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IFM Videos: Premium Bonds

  • Real Return Bonds - Part I

    Real Return Bonds, what are they? How do they work? You hear they can help defend your savings when inflation and interest rates rise, but are they an investment for you?

  • Real Return Bonds - Part II

    Now that you have a better understanding of Real Return Bonds, what additional things should you know before you buy?

  • Understanding Convertible Bonds

    Convertible bonds can be a nice addition to any investment portfolio, but you should take some time to learn about their unique features and characteristics.

  • Understanding Compound Bonds

    Convertible Bonds are similar to a regular bond, but they provide the holder with an option to convert the bond into securities of the same issuer - typically - common shares. Convertible bonds are classified as a hybrid investment.

  • Understanding Fixed-Floating Bonds

    Fixed-Floating Bonds are regular bonds with a special feature that governs its interest coupon rate. The feature is similar to the rate-reset feature for preferred shares.

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