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A New Resource for Canadian Investors Goes Live!, based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is celebrating the launch of Canada’s first comprehensive subscriber website  with a focus on investment education, resources, and tools. It is an extremely thorough website to assist both the novice and experienced Canadian investor to broaden their knowledge base and design and manage their financial plans and investment portfolios. It’s the solution many Canadians have been waiting for.

As a recent article attests, the investment industry recognizes the growing demands from "Do-It-Yourself" investors and those working with an investment advisor for greater information and education. Investors realize they can no longer leave the security of their financial futures in the hands of others. Investors need information, resources and tools that support their financial decisions and their financial goals.

While many novice investors wish to gain greater control over their finances, they do not have the information, knowledge, or tools to do so. And given the current investing and economic environment, many investors are frustrated with their lack of investment success and now want to try planning and investing on their own, but don’t know where to begin. provides investors with a partnership that focuses on an investor’s own personal financial and investment goals. As a partner InvestingForMe provides its members with many valuable resources in a game-changing, time-saving, one-stop-shopping site.

The site offers clearly defined resources and tools. Both novice and experienced investors will find the Classroom, Sample Portfolios, financial spreadsheets and calculators extremely practical. The site’s Data Room provides up-to-date economic, business and investment news from leading publications; quotes, charts and information for Exchange Traded Funds, TSX sector shares, preferred shares and Canadian bonds, all superbly organized and easily accessed.

The site will also appeal to the experienced investors (whether they manage their investments through a discount broker, a full-service broker, investment council firm, or a combination of all three) as a reliable source for “unbiased” information so greatly desired but difficult to find.

If Canadian investors are serious about making changes and taking charge of their portfolio, InvestingForMe wants to be their partner and resource.

InvestingForMe is currently offering a free 30-day subscription trial. Check it out @ You won’t want to miss this opportunity to change your financial life!


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