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A New Resource for Canadian Investors — Goes Live!, based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is celebrating the launch of Canada’s first comprehensive website with a focus on investment education, resources, and tools. It is an extremely thorough website to assist both the novice and experienced Canadian investor to broaden their knowledge base and design and manage their financial plans and investment portfolios. It’s the solution many Canadians have been waiting for.

As a recent article attests, the investment industry recognizes the growing demands from Do-It-Yourself investors, and those working with an Investment Advisors, for greater information and education. Investors realize they can no longer leave the security of their financial futures in the hands of others. Investors need information, resources and tools that support their financial decisions and their financial goals.

It’s true. While many novice investors wish to gain greater control over their finances, they do not have the information, knowledge, or tools to do  so. And given the current investing and economic environment, many investors are frustrated with their lack of investment success and now want to try planning and investing on their own, but don’t know where to begin. provides investors with a partnership that focuses on an investor’s own personal financial and investment goals. As a partner InvestingForMe provides its visitors with many valuable resources in a game-changing, time-saving, one-stop-shopping site.

The site offers clearly defined resources and tools. Both novice and experienced investors will find the Classroom, Sample Portfolios, financial  spreadsheets and calculators extremely practical. The site’s Data Room provides up-to-date economic, business and investment news from leading  publications; quotes, charts and information for Exchange Traded Funds, TSX sector shares, preferred shares and Canadian bonds, all superbly organized and easily accessed.

The site will also appeal to the experienced investors (whether they manage their investments through a discount broker, a full-service broker, investment council firm, or a combination of all three) as a reliable source for “unbiased” information so greatly desired but difficult to find.

If Canadian investors are serious about making changes and taking charge of their portfolio, InvestingForMe wants to be their partner and resource.

Check it out @ You won’t want to miss this opportunity to change your financial life!

People Agree

“Financial decisions do matter, so it pays to invest time and energy into managing your personal finances,” explained Kevin Dancey, FCA, president and CEO, CICA. “Canadians who display discipline when it comes to money management experience less stress.” - Chartered Accountants of Canada


“Improving financial literacy among Canadians is critical to the financial well-being of families, as well as the overall economy,” said L. Jacques Ménard, chairman of BMO Nesbitt Burns and vice-chair of the Task Force on Financial Literacy. - Benefits Canada


"Perhaps, most important, Canadians themselves are beginning to realize the importance of improving their own financial knowledge and the link between their financial situation and stress levels." - Benefits Canada


“It’s very encouraging that Canadians appreciate the value of having access to current and credible research and educational tools when deciding how to invest their money,” -


"Whether worrying about a precise asset allocation between equities and fixed income, whether it be 50/50 or 60/40 or 40/60, is far less important than people actually beginning the process of investing itself—getting organized, getting educated. The asset-allocation decision is really one of the last decisions you will make." - Forbes


“The last few years the markets have been so volatile that a lot of people committed themselves to saying ‘I need to know more to feel comfortable’.” -


“People are saying it is something they need to understand as opposed to leaving it up to a financial advisor to look after their money, hoping things will work out in the end.” -


"To succeed as an online investor, it is wise to invest time in education before getting started." - Globe and Mail


“I think what they are really saying is, ‘I need to understand this better’ and in some cases they may start out small and may wind up managing all of their own money.” -


“As an online investor, you make the decisions, so you need to be willing to do the leg work. Start by putting pen to paper to define your financial plan, then do the research to find the desired asset mix and individual investments that will help you reach your goals,” - Beacon News


“While there’s no one approach to investing for women, it’s great to see so many taking charge of their financial futures and being proactive in planning for retirement,”... “Investing for ourselves gives us the control and flexibility to create, oversee and adjust our investment plans as we see fit.” - Beacon News


“If you’re just getting started, it’s important to work with a company that supports your needs and helps you build your investing knowledge,” - TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage


"These days, financial help doesn't always come from behind a desk or over the phone. Do-it-yourself investors are using websites and online financial tools as virtual money experts." - Globe and Mail


“Canadians are also increasingly seeing the connection between good management of their day-to-day budget and their longer-term financial goals, recognizing that taking smaller steps today as part of a plan can lead to significant benefits down the road.” - 

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