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10 Tips for Choosing a Financial Planner - FPSC

    • The Financial Planning Standards Council also offers a list of considerations when looking for a financial planner. Simply visit Choosing a Financial Planner. They also list 10 potential questions you might consider asking a potential planner prior to hiring them. Visit 10 Questions to Ask Your Planner.
    • "Recently, the FPSC found that an alarming number of Canadians operate on blind trust when choosing assistance. It also found that far too many Canadians are grossly misinformed about the required qualifications and ethical obligations of their planners and advisors." -What kind of planner are you?


Working with an advisor


A couple of articles & videos that might help with your search.

    • Find the right investment advice - MoneySense. Want investment advice that makes you look like a million bucks? You have three options: adviser, broker or investment counsel. We’ll help you make the right choice.
    • Choose your adviser carefully - MoneySense. Some advisers are downright dangerous. Look for the following qualities to ensure you end up with a competent and trustworthy professional. 
    • Video: Choosing a Financial Planner from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
    • Visit Your Financial Toolkit, a Canadian government website created to help you find the right financial advisor.



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