Family Inventory: Overview

Creating and maintaining a single inventory of your family’s valuable personal and financial information is an important first step when establishing your financial and estate plans. By creating a complete listing of your financial holdings (bank and investment accounts, assets, liabilities, etc.) and of your family’s personal information (names and addresses of family members, dependents, doctors, financial advisors, accountants, etc.) you are providing your Executors, Power of Attorneys and loved ones with a convenient and important source of information.

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In the event that you are unable to look after your financial affairs, the Family Inventory becomes invaluable to your loved ones as they try to grapple with your changing circumstances.

The InvestingForMe Family Inventory has been designed as a document where you can list all of your financial information and keep it in one location.

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The IFM Family Inventory is a .pdf file that can be saved on any electronic device for future reference and updating as your circumstances change. The Family Inventory contains your family’s personal financial information so ensure it is kept in a safe and secure location.