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Within the Financial Planning and Budgeting section there are over 25 specifically designed calculators and spreadsheets called InvestingForMe Tools. These tools help crystalize where your finances are today and assist you in projecting and forecasting where they might be in the future. Once you have invested the time to create these spreadsheets and calculations you have the option to print a hard copy or simply save them to My Folder. Once your documents are saved to My Folder, they are there for you to access at any time in the future. If your circumstances change simply go in retrieve the saved file, make the changes and click save. Your document is automatically updated in My Folder.

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My Portfolio

My portfolio is a tool to help you keep track of all your investments. – group them together as a single portfolio or group them by account type (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, LRSP, RESP, etc.). My Portfolio also lets you customize the information displayed – up to 8 pieces of information (price, dividend, trading volume, etc.) that you select from a list of 23 options.

My Portfolio also helps you to create and track fantasy portfolios. Have you ever thought about using a different investment approach, but were afraid to use your hard earned savings as a guinea pig ? Well, My Portfolio  lets you test new investments or strategies without putting your savings at risk. Give it a try

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