Investment Type: Overview

The investment industry is constantly creating new investment products and services, so the question you are left with is how do you decide which investments are best for you and your family? Today there are thousands of investment options vying for your hard-earned savings. How do you choose? Where do you begin?

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In the Investment Type section, we divide your investment options into three categories: Fixed Income, Growth, and Hybrid where we discuss the individual features and characteristics of the following types of investments:

 Fixed Income investments

Growth investments

Hybrid investments

For each type of investment, we begin with the basics. (Before you can begin filtering through the 14,000+ mutual funds, 4,100+ ETFs, and thousands of other investment options, you should understand their basic characteristics and features.) Once you have a fundamental understanding of the various investment types available, you can then narrow your focus to only those investment types that help you to achieve your financial goals.