I just bought a house. Can I still qualify to make an HBP withdrawal?

Yes. As long as you or your spouse acquired the home no more than 30 days prior to making the HBP RRSP withdrawal, the withdrawal will qualify for the HBP.

Note:¬†Under the HBP rules, a purchaser must make the HBP withdraw from their RRSP no more than 30 days after the “closing” of the deal; for the purposes of the Income Tax Act, the “closing” date is deemed to be the same date as the day you take possession of the unit. So be careful because the CRA T1036 HBP withdrawal form that must be filed when the funds are withdrawn from the RRSP suggests that the pertinent date is the actual closing date when the purchaser becomes the owner, but it’s not. The Deemed Possession date is the important date to use.

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